Charlestown Neighborhood Council

Current (until January 2016) CNC Officers
Chairman: Tom Cunha

2nd Vice-Chair: Peggy Bradley
Secretary: Judy Brennan
Treasurer: Bill Galvin

Precinct Representatives
Precinct #1: Judy Brennan 
Precinct #2:
Precinct #3: Bill Galvin 
Precinct #4  Karson Tager
Precinct #5: Richard McCarthy 
Precinct #6: Tera Bereson Lally 
Precinct #7: Lisa Collins

Councilors at Large 
Barbara Babin
Peggy Bradley
Reed Catlin  
Tom Cunha
Ed Grace
Amanda Reinfeld
Erin Sullivan 

Non-Profit Representatives
Friends of City Square Park: Dan Kovacevic
Charlestown Preservation Society: Tom Hogan
Charlestown Chamber of Commerce: Diane Grant 
Friends of the Navy Yard: 
Kennedy Center: Eileen Ward
Charlestown Mothers Association: Katie Alitz
Gardens for Charlestown: Evelyn Addante

Two new councilors were elected on Nov. 14 to the CNC for two-year terms: 

Karson Tager to represent precinct 4 
Lisa Collins, to represent precinct 7

Five members were re-elected:

Judy Brennan - precinct 1
David Whelan - precinct 2 
William Galvin - precinct 3 
Richard McCarthy - precinct 5
Tera Lally - precinct 6

We will seat the new members at the January 2016 meeting