Charlestown Neighborhood Council

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) is the officially elected representative body of the Charlestown neighborhood of the City of Boston, MA. It was founded in 1986.

The CNC is responsible for facilitating dialogue within the Charlestown community and between the residents of Charlestown and the City of Boston, State and Local agencies and businesses on topics including:

  • Basic Services (Utilties, Parking, Trash Removal, Noise, Public Spaces) 
             Bill Galvin, Committee Chair Amanda Reinfeld, Co-Chair

The Neighborhood Council is composed of 21 community members, including seven elected precinct representatives, seven elected at-large representatives and seven appointed non-profit community organization representatives.

Two new councilors were elected on Nov. 14, 2015  to the CNC for two-year terms: 

Karson Tager of 260 Medford Street to represent precinct 4 
Lisa Collins, 415 Bunker Hill Street to represent precinct 7

Five members were re-elected:

Judy Brennan - precinct 1
David Whelan - precinct 2 
William Galvin - precinct 3 
Richard McCarthy - precinct 5
Tera Lally - precinct 6

We will seat the new members at the January 2016 meeting